Organic Pest Control in Santa Ana

If you are dealing with an insect or animal pest issue, you may be looking for an eco-friendly pest control solution, and Swarm Pest Control is here to help. 

For many years we have helped homeowners and business owners in Santa Ana rid their properties of pests using safe, natural, organic pest control methods. 

Our team will be happy to provide you with a detailed investigation and extermination and teach you how to avoid pest issues altogether. 

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Understanding Organic Pest Control

While traditional pest control methods rely on various chemicals, including pesticides and insecticides, an organic approach to pest control utilizes natural ingredients to ward off and exterminate pests. While chemical pesticides can be dangerous for your children and pets if not used carefully, natural approaches are as safe as they are effective.

Another reason that people choose organic pest control companies is that our methods are friendly to the environment. While chemical treatments can run off into rivers and streams and infect the water and wildlife that live there, organic products will have few negative impacts on the natural world. 

Our team is very proud to offer eco-friendly pest control services, and we look forward to sharing our methods with you. 

Natural Pest Control Inspection

Before we can decide on the best method for removing animals or insects from your home or business, we must first gain a detailed understanding of the problem you’re facing. When you call us, we’ll prioritize your request and book an inspection as soon as possible. 

During the inspection, we will:

  • Discuss the issues you’ve been facing
  • Investigate areas of activity 
  • Identify points of entry
  • Identify the nesting spot
  • Identify any damage made
  • Understand the severity of the problem 

Once our experts know what species have infested your home, we will develop an extermination or relocation plan. 

Environmentally Friendly Pest Control and Extermination

Animal and insect pests will be dealt with a bit differently. While birds, and rodents will be trapped or directed out of your home using a one-way exit, insects will be exterminated using all-natural ingredients. Animals will be relocated to an area outside of your home, and insects will be eliminated at the source. 

Once the removal is completed, our experts will work to disinfect your home and remove any bacteria or disease that the pests could have carried with them.

Eco Pest Control and Prevention

Just as there are eco-friendly ways to remove pests from your home, there are also organic ways to prevent them from coming back.

Here are some of our best tips:

  • Clean with vinegar and essential oils
  • Ensure that your waste is stored in sealed containers 
  • Make a fly trap using apple cider vinegar
  • Seal points of entry

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Protect your loved ones, pets, and the environment when choosing an environmental approach to pest control. 

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